A Testimonial from our client.

Ariel Santos and Kenny Ip have been great resources for me when I was applying for my mortgage. And being a first time homebuyer, they have explained to me in very lay terms how my mortgage works. I am very thankful for their support and expertise and will certainly recommend them to my friends. 


Hi Ariel and Kenny,

Thanks for your well-wishes! Everything went smoothly with the closing yesterday and my lawyer, delivered the keys to me at around 5:15 p.m. I stopped by the unit a few hours later to make sure that everything was in good order and that the appliances all worked - I ended up being there for close to an hour with a strange and wonderful feeling that I actually own this property! 

I'll let you know if I have any questions but I think that it should be smooth sailing from here on. I'll keep making mortgage payments every two weeks (thanks again for setting that up) and will try to make a lump sum payment at some point before February 28, 2017. I'll give you a call when I have a better sense of when that's happening.

Thank you so much again for all of your work on this and for ?putting up with my constant questions. You both made a complicated process really easy and kept me in the loop during the entire time with regular updates. I've already spoken about you to a few of my friends who are looking to get mortgages (either to take out a new mortgage or renew an existing mortgage), so I think that you might get a few additional calls in the near future.

Ariel Santos were very helpful in my mortgage needs. I will highly recommend your Company continuously as I did it before with so many successful mortgage dealings between you and my friends/clients and relatives.


Just to let you know that Ariel is very pleasant guy to deal with. I just had problem with his associates. Ariel understands all of aspects of mortgage and he is good explaining to his client.


We have been really impressed with the service given by Ariel Santos and Kenny Ip to get our house remortgage. Keep up the good work... 


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